The Women Behind the Brand

Mariya Newman | Co-founder

Mariya is the one at the office BBQ that brought her own fork, plate, glass and cloth napkin. Her passion for travel and the planet has put her on a warpath with plastic pollution. Mariya has spent the past decade helping brands like P&G, BMW and Starbucks grow utilizing her skills as a certified PMP and digital marketing director.
“Plastic pollution is disturbing, but impossible to avoid. The idea of being part of the solution to this global problem by creating plastic free products inspires me. I wake up every morning excited to build Boba&Vespa and anxious to see where it will take me.”
Chia Wu | Co-founder
If you can’t get ahold of Chia, it’s likely because she is affixed to a giant rock up in the mountains pursuing her nightly passion of bouldering. Chia, a senior art director has spent the past 10 years helping brands through meticulous design. When at home, she is tending to her kitties Boba and Vespa—her inspiration behind the brand.
“Boba and Vespa are like children to me. I spoil them and do everything possible to keep them safe. It makes me so happy to know that I am creating a space for all pet parents to shop in a way that they know is safe for their pets and the planet."