Our Story

Boba&Vespa was born from love for the planet, our furry companions and a desire to find meaningful work. Inspired by eco friendly brands creating meaningful change, founders Mariya and Chia decided to do the same by launching a brand that offers truly sustainable pet products.

They created Boba&Vespa.
The brand on a mission to eliminate plastic pet products.

Our Promise

At Boba&Vespa, we believe that the desire to reward our pets shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet. We believe companies, not consumers, should be responsible for ensuring products are responsibly sourced, manufactured and packaged. We will own this responsibility in the pet space. Our only priority is to create happy pets, happy pet parents and a happy planet.

Our Materials

All of the materials we use in our products and packaging are 100% plastic free. Your furry kid has not evolved to enjoy or need petrochemicals in his or her life, not even in the packaging. None. Period. We will go to great lengths to ensure that the materials we choose and the methods of production we use are sustainable. Some of the materials we are using and will be using include: cardboard, jute, hemp, wood, bamboo, cotton, and more.

Our Problem


    99% of all pet products are made with or packaged in plastic. We aim to change that.