Why Plastic Is Bad For The Environment And Our Pets

Plastic straws and bottles get a lot of attention and we are thankful for that.
However, the ubiquity of plastic in the pet industry seems to go unnoticed.

For Plastic Free July we wanted to put some data behind our claim that most pet products contain unnecessary planet harming plastic. After meticulously counting thousands of pet products, we determined that 99% of pet products contain plastic. We summarized our findings in one giant infographic called Plastic & Our Pets.

We are hoping that the infographic will help people better understand the amount of plastic in the pet industry as well as the hazards it poses to both our pets and our planet.

Sources: Plastic-Pollution, Plastic Pollution Coalition, NIEHS, National Geographic, Live Science, Preventive Vet, Eco Center, Consumer Affairs, The Bark, Our World in Data, Earth Day, Forbes, Independent, Royal Society Publishing, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Nature, and Take3.

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